The vision of our planet one can have from the space, a huge globe completely wrapped by water, well illustrates that it is really the “Ocean” to be a fundamental element of our Universe, and not “Earth”.

Through the testimony of the underwater photographer, who, curiously, is a combination of both artist and sportsman, a stunning world is offered to our eyes, which we probably would never see without him. And we would live without even knowing that these immense environments always in motion (oceans never are still because of currents, waves, tides, seismic and geological activities), the oceans, are made of life, colors and shapes that have nothing to envy to the wonders of dryland. Underwater photography portrays and gives us access to incredible forms of life and seascapes to study, that often teach us more than those we find on dryland.

I do believe in photography as a personal testimony, as a way to present the underwater world. The camera is a relatively simple tool which can be used by anyone, the challenge is to use it to combine truth and beauty, which is art.

Matthias Blättler